We cats

gatto Madrid 1Roofs rhymes with cats, and it is not by chance, beacuse we are their masters, their lords. On moonlit nights, as in the darkest nights, the whole city is under our soft paws and we have dialogues with lighted windows and closed shutters, and send calls for news of distant friends. Our mustache explore the air and show us safe and mysterious paths, where our instinct guide us, from a gutter to a fireplace, from a terrace to the tower of an old church.

gatto Madrid 2

We watch over your sleep and invent dreams which will keep yuou company while you sleep. We, small and nimble, have big hearts; we, on which tales are told, WE ARE.

gatta bn
This is the english version of my short story “Noi gatti”, published in the ebook “Lo specchio: 27 racconti” (in italian).

(“Roofs rhymes with cats” is true in italian: “Tetti fa rima con gatti”.)


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